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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the GLOVESAFE?

  • Height 8.5”

  • Width 10.5”

  • Length 13"

How does the GLOVESAFE compare to other cases?

  • GLOVESAFE is the most compact glove case that can carry up to three gloves and has a unique design with an integrated hard plastic shield dome to protect your glove’s shape

Is the GLOVESAFE available in stores?

Will the GLOVESAFE protect from water?

  • Yes, the bag  has a waterproof plastic shield sewn into the dome, waterproof zippers and water-resistant 600D polyester fabric

Does the GLOVESAFE offer team discounts?

  • Yes, we offer team discounts. To receive a quote, please email with a team name, quantity and shipping address

How many gloves can fit in the GLOVESAFE

  • Easily fits two gloves of any type with room left over for your sunglasses and batting gloves

  • In my bag, I carry a catcher, outfield and infield glove with no problem

Does the GLOVESAFE fit a catcher glove?

  • Yes, the GLOVESAFE has no issue with fitting a catcher glove

What gave you the idea for the GLOVESAFE

  • I played travel baseball in Ontario and at the time no one used a glove case, when we travelled down to the United States for tournaments or trips we would travel with our gloves either under the seat, in our lap or in the overhead compartment.

  • We noticed some glove cases a few years ago but wanted to make something much smaller that would easily fit in our baseball bag.

Can you ship outside Ontario?

  • Yes, please contact us for shipping costs

Can you ship outside Canada?

  • Not yet, but we are planning to launch in the US soon.

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